Shishen 330 Neutral Silicone Weatherproof Sealant


Neutral silicone resistant adhesive, a single component, neutral curing, superior performance of building assembly weathering sealant.
Neutral curing, no corrosion to most building materials; The displacement capacity is 25. For the normal expansion and shear deformation of curtain wall doors and windows, this product can maintain the same performance; excellent weather aging resistance; high and low temperature resistance performance. It has excellent adhesion to all kinds of aluminum substrates and most building materials, and has good compatibility with other neutral silicone sealant
It is often used for caulking seal of stone and small glass curtain wall; Sun room curtain wall weatherproof seal; The seal of the gap between glass and aluminum; High grade doors and windows sealant.
Can not be used as structural sealant;
Do not work on wet surfaces or immersed in water for a long time;
Not suitable for all oily or exudate surfaces;
Should not be used for airtight construction sites;
The surface temperature of the base material is not suitable for construction below 4°C or above 40°C.
This product executes the Chinese National Standard: GB/T 14683-2017 Gn-25HM "Silicone and Modified Silicone Building Sealant"

Neutral silicone weather-resistant sealant, single-component, weather-resistant sealant for building assembly with neutral curing and superior performance.
Excellent weather aging resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, and water resistance.
Excellent adhesiveness. Generally, no primer is required. After curing, it forms strong adhesion with most building materials.
It has good compatibility with other neutral silicone adhesives.
Neutral silicone weatherproof adhesion
Shelf life: Store in a cool, dry place; the storage period is 9 months.

Sichuan Xinda Adhesive Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise producing fine chemicals. After more than 20 years of hard work, the company now covers an area 94000 square meter, has a production area of more than 90000 square meters, and has a fixed asset investment of 260 million; The annual production capacity is 120000 tons of silicone adhesive, 100000 tons of dry hanging adhesive for stone, 100000 tons of marble adhesive and 200000 tons of water reducing agent. At present, it has more than 20 advanced fully automated production lines for silicone adhesive, which greatly improves the production scale and efficiency of the company. At present, the company resaerch and development department has 5 doctors, more than 10 masters and nearly 30 engineering and technical personnels.
Based on the core concept of "joint creation and sharing", the company has trained a high-quality scientific research team and a group of excellent production management personnel, and established a complete set of management system, quality control system and service system; and has established close cooperation with many domestic scientific research institutes. Through the research and development of new products and the application of new technologies, the company's products have always maintained the leading level in the same industry and won the trust of the majority of customers. The company has passed the ISO 9001:2015 international quality management system certification and obtained the certificate. In 2008, the company was certified as a member of the Aluminum Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association.
"Building a century old cornerstone and creating an eternal spirit" is the eternal and unremitting entrepreneurial spirit of the Xinda family and also the connotation and essence of "Shishen" brand.
The company mainly produces: silicone structural adhesive, weather resistant sealant, fireproof adhesive, two-component structural adhesive, two-component insulating glass sealant, door and window adhesive, AB dry hanging adhesive for stone, marble adhesive,epoxy sealant, rock plate adhesive, tile back adhesive and other products.


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