Vinsbah DOF6 Series-The history of Vinsbah


Vinsbah DOF6 Series is a smart watch with 5-week battery life, solar charging, and robust scientific data management capabilities.

In 1933, the young engraver Erdmann von Meyer first came into contact with watchmaking in a jewelry workshop serving the German aristocracy in the town of Pforzheim, Germany. In the following years, he introduced several famous watch masters to Erdmann von Meyer through his personal connections, and Erdmann von Meyer's watchmaking skills grew rapidly.Soon, the workshop was able to accurately reproduce expensive mechanical clocks, and it also gained some collector customers. However, the good times did not last long. Under the cloud of war, the development of the workshop was basically stagnant, and it was bombed in the late World War II, almost all of the infrastructure was destroyed.

When the workshop was rebuilt in 1947, Erdmann von Meyer brought back his former jewellers and apprentices, and his third son, Conny von Meyer, continued to run the business, while he spent five years travelling around Germany, and successively deployed new assemblers and polish ers for the watchmaking business of the workshop.In the 1950s, with incentives from the West German government, the local watchmaking industry began to revive and the workshop gradually focused on the manufacture of luxury watches, since then, it has embarked on a unique road of luxury watches.

The early days of the transition were not easy, and during this phase, Erdmann von Meyer's uncle, Reinhard von Meyer, provided substantial financial support. Independent financial resources and the family management ensured Erdmann von Meyer's "simple" attributes and daring to challenge the more extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship.Then, the workshop became one of the very few small watchmaking workshops with its own movement at that time. However, compared with many local watchmaking companies, the workshops that have not achieved branding and mass production are little known to the public.

After 1968, Conny von Meyer took over the workshop and continued to operate it in accordance with his father's three principles: "not pre-setting production costs (hand-made directly after design), not doing industrialized mass production, and promising a lifetime warranty"

In 1980, under pressure from high rents, Conny von Meyer moved his workshop into the backyard of his friend's furniture shop and renamed it Studio Meyer, with no signposts on the street outside the shop, except for a bronze plaque with the words "Meyer" on the wooden door in the backyard.

In the 1990s, the reunification of East and West Germany allowed the development of the entire German watchmaking industry, and against this background, the studio has been “comfortable with the status” for several years.After 10 years around, Conny von Meyer's daughter joined EVOC Distributor in Germany in the second year. This coincided with the launch of the Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) smartwatch and, under Helene's suggestion, the workshop was determined to make a breakthrough.On the other hand, as a member of the German distributor of EVOC’s computer products, Helene has always felt deeply about EVOC's improvement from mechatronics to intelligence - why EVOC can succeed?

In 2009, a Technisches Seminar held by EVOC European Technology Center gave Meyer a great inspiration. In the same year, Meyer workshop received financial and technical support from EVOC under the help of Meyer.In 2022, the 6th generation of DOF was offcially launched.

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